Review: Bombs Of Hades – Recoil In Horror (7” De:Nihil 2014)

 As a final appetizer before their upcoming third album, Bombs Of Hades introduces Recoil In Horror. Compared to their last new song, from the split with Suffer The Pain (Black Goat Chant), which was nothing but a straight forward and uncompromising ripper, this tune is a bit more complex. After starting off in a more mid-tempo oriented way, not that different from Burn of their last album, and a chorus that could almost be described as progressive, it soon breaks into a more recognizable 2-beat classic death part. Soon it returns to the slower pace, not the same one as in the beginning though, and then it ends abruptly.

 The B-side is a cover of Black Sabbath's Over And Over, which works out just perfectly in this death/doom outfit, without a doubt their best cover so far. Excellent choice of song, I really got reminded of what a great album it is. People rejecting the Dio-albums claiming that the ones with Ozzy are the only ones that matter are nothing but fools (you're all fools!).

 Bombs Of Hades has once again succeeded in making me yearn for another album filled with traditional yet innovative and unexpected compositions. The bar is set as high as always!


  1. du 50/50, är det mig du syftar på när du kallar folk "fools"? både du och jag vet ju att de fyra första skivorna är och kommer alltid att vara bäst om man snackar sabbath! dio är en bättre skolad vokalist, inget snack om den saken. men han har inget att komma med när ozzy har feeling och sprider ondska som om det inte finns någon morgondag. hail black sabbath 70-78!