Review: Entrench – Violent Procreation (War Anthem 2014 LP)

 Well, we're two months into 2015, but before I'll see what the new year has to offer, I still have some reviews of the last years' releases left to write. One of them is the second album by Sweden's finest death/thrash-suppliers Entrench. Their first album was impressive, but kind of left you with a feeling that they had even more to give. That is a fact that's immediately confirmed as soon as One With Agony kicks off. The aggression and violence has simply been taken to a whole new level this time.

 When the first shock starts to settle and you're actually able to focus on the music, it's clear that this is an album that will take a while to get into. Once you've done so you realize how ambitious and worked through the songs actually are. Don't expect to be instantly knocked out by any simple and basic song-writing, this is some super worked through and complex thrash. The total amount of riffs on this record is probably not that far away from Dark Angel's Time Does Not Heal. Taking a closer look at the lyrics also confirmes that they are written with just as much consideration as the rest of the music.

 The only complaint I can think of is that it's a bit long and hard to get into. That could still be seen as something positive though, I haven't yet listened to it one single time without discovering something new that I like. So if you give it the time it needs, the reward is arguably the best thrash-album of 2014. 8/10 /H


New King Malice-tracks.

Two new songs from the upcoming second King Malice-tape are now available for streaming at their soundcloud-page.

The new tape will be out on Lockyard Records later this spring.


Review: Convent Guilt – Guns For Hire (Dying Victims 2014 MC)

 I remember being absolutely blown away by the fantastic demo these guys released back in 2012, still one of the most raw, catchy and brilliant heavy metal tapes that have crossed my way the last couple of years. Now the time has come for them to unleash their first album, and as you can tell by the lines written above, the expectations are great. I went for the tape-version, since the format suited their last release so fine.
 The impression is that it's more polished this time, although the band is definitely still recognizable. I was a bit prepared that it wasn't going to match the demo, since I basically consider all of its four tracks modern classics. For example, Don't Close Your Eyes is a well written mid paced rocker, but compared to the majestic No Dawn In Lucifer's Light from the demo, it just doesn't stand a chance. But despite that, this album is far away from a failure. Songs like Angels in Black Leather, Perverse Altar and the title-track gives you everything you could ask for.

 Convent Guilt delivers a simple, yet efficient album, recalling the likes of Riot and Saxon in the early 80's and, or more recent bands like Black Trip, with some hints of punk, and the spirit of the OZ-gods AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. So, even though the demo remains their finest work to this date, this is still a great album that deserves everyone's attention. 7,5/10 /H