Review: Crawl - I: Serpents (Bloodsoaked 2015 MC)

 For some reason, my interest for Swedish death metal has slightly faded the last few years. Although both Vanhelgd and Miasmal delivered great releases last year, former favorites like Tribulation and Morbus Chron has stepped away from their roots (the aforementioned remains one of my current favorite bands though, even if they don't sound like they once did) and other bands aren't being as active as they used to. My own laziness is probably to blame as well, I haven't even listened to the latest offerings from Bombs Of Hades and Usurpress yet. Fuck, time to regain vision.

Anyway, the sound of the debut demo of Crawl from Kalmar definitely makes you feel excited about this whole genre again. The influences of good old Swedish death metal are definitely there, but they still manages to avoid sounding generic and boring. The vocal performance is absolutely killer, reminds me of Angelcorpse's Pete Helmkamp. It also alternates from deep grunts to more high screams sometimes, which makes you think of old Carcass.

Musically there isn't much to complain about, all songs are well written and captivating enough for you to not loose interest while listening. I do think there's room for development towards the more intense and violent direction though, and the production could have been a bit more rotten. But it's an enjoyable 3 track-tape, I'll definitely keep my eyes open for Crawl's upcoming releases. 6.5/10


Review: Kafka – 8 Track LP (D-takt & Råpunk 2015 LP)

 One of the first punk-albums I've purchased so far this year is this debut LP of Japan's Kafka. The A side consists of the tracks from their tape released last year. Some will might complain about that they've already heard those songs before, but I'm pretty sure they are re-recorded, and of course hearing them on black wax (or blue if you got the limited one...) is a completely different story. It sounds way better compared to the tape.

 When listening to the B-side, which offers some brand new songs, I get the feeling that they have stepped things up a bit. Can't put my finger on exactly what it is that makes the new songs stand out really, they just feel more straight to the point, focused, well targeted and simply better. If you're looking for some traditional Scandinavian hardcore done the Japanese way, look no further than Kafka! 7.5/10


偏執症者 (Paranoid) - Kaihou

Taken from the Satyagraha LP, to be released by D-takt & Råpunk & Konton Crasher.

The tape-edition will be released on Lockyard Records later this spring.


Review: Trial – Vessel (High Roller 2015 LP)

 To be honest, the earlier stuff I've heard by Trial hasn't really caught my interest. Sure, I don't remember it being bad in any way, just a bit anonymous, and they simply got lost in the huge amount of new bands playing traditional heavy metal. But when the press release and reviews of the new album Vessel claimed that this was something way superior to what they've done in the past I immediately got interested.

 And just precisely, Vessel is definitely a way more interesting album that indicates that this band has found their own identity. All seven songs feels very well written and thought through. The small tinges of black and doom metal here and there are doing so much for the overall impression and makes the album way more interesting. Unique influences and new thinking is what separates the leaders from the followers in this age of new bands worshiping the past.

 As one of Sweden's most praised heavy metal bands, In Solitude, just announced their split-up, there couldn't be a better time than now to symbolically embrace and welcome Trial up there with the very big names in Swedish heavy metal. 8/10