Review: The Dahmers – Terror On Wheels (Lovely 2015 7”)

 Following up the brilliant LP from last year, here's the new 7-inch EP by The Dahmers. Musically, it doesn't really contains any surprises, the vintage garage punk rock sound is still intact. The tracks on the A-side, The Ripper and Hit 'n' Run are two typical Dahmers-tunes sound wise, and when it comes to hit potential, I doubt either of them will leave anyone disappointed.

On side B though, I think the first song Howling stands out as one of the most calm and laid back songs they've done. Not band in any way though, it rather adds some overall diversity to the release. The video they did for it is absolutely fantastic as well. And just to make sure no one thinks they've become to soft, this seven inch is rounded off with a total killer in form of I Spit On Your Grave, which in contrast to Howling is rather one of their fastest and most aggressive songs so far, almost a pure punk song. So, in conclusion, a great effort by this splendid band that shows some signs of development and still keeps up the winning concept from their LP without repeating themselves too much. 8/10


Review: Absolut – Hell's Highest Power (D-takt & Råpunk 2015 LP)

An album that has been spinning a lot recently is the second album by these Toronto-punks. To take the easy way out, it could be described as a hell of a raw d-beat assault, which is never quite wrong. But it also contains some interesting elements that makes it stand out a bit from the thypical rawpunk standards. Hints towards metal and some surprisingly melodic tinges here and there makes the songs leave a more memorable impression. The B-side is rounded off in a nice atmospheric way with the instrumental Shadows, which gives you the chance to catch your breath for a moment, before the madness continues again.

 Adding the very high qualitative and constantly innovative riffs that feels very worked through, as well as the unified layout, and you've got a very nice release. Their side of the split LP they released quite recently with some shitty Swedish band can also be recommended, check that one out as well! 7/10