Review: Herzel – Unis Dans La Gloire (Impous Desecration 2015 MC)

 I just love those times when you're just aimlessly looking around for new music, and all of a sudden you come across something fantastic, seemingly from out of the vast nothingness. That was the case with Herzel for me, I ordered the tape when I was about 30 seconds into the first sample, and it has basically been on repeat since then.

 What we've got here is an intro and two epic heavy metal tunes inspired by bands like (early) Manowar, Warlord and Manilla Road. I also think it reminds a bit of the more epic songs on their countrymen Lust's classic We'll Never Die. What makes Herzel stand out though is that the lyrics are sung in their native language, French, which combined with the music turns out completely phenomenal. The songs captures your attention immediately, even though you can't understand a word (I actually studied French for a while, so I understand some words, but not enough to really understand the full meaning of the lyrics).

 Herzel has more or less from out of nowhere made their way up to the absolute top of the most interesting bands right now when it comes to epic metal. I want to hear more music from these guys as soon as possible! 8/10


Review: Tarot – The Warrior's Spell (Heavy Chains 2015 CD)

 One of the bands that during the past year made the biggest impression on me as well as many others was Australia's Tarot. Releasing no less than three EP's on tape (Life and Death, Dying Daze and The Watcher's Dream) of epic 70's-inspired proto-metal in the vein of old masters like Rainbow and Uriah Heep, they're simply one of the bands that will come to mind when looking back at 2014 in the future.

 Now these three EP's have been re-issued on this CD compilation, which I think was a brilliant idea. They flow together very well, I almost even imagined them all together as one album, even though they were released at different times. Also, the overall quality of all three EP's is so high that I can't say that one is better or weaker than any of the other ones.

 The CD also features 2 brand new tracks exclusive for this release, Street Lamps Calling and The Warrior's Spell, which indicates that they definitely maintain the high quality songwriting, and instantly leaves you wanting more. If you missed the tapes, that all sold out quite fast, there's no excuse to not get your hands on this CD. 

 Can't wait to find out what Tarot will have to offer in 2015! 9/10