Review: Deathhammer – Evil Power (Hells Headbangers 2015 CD)

 Satan is back(!), and so is Norway's finest with a new album of deathrashing mayhem. This is without a doubt a band that you always can trust, with each new release you find it impossible that they would deliver anything else than a brutal and savage thrash metal album. Once again they also make sure to never abandon the fundamental heavy metal aspects in their songs, which makes them stand out even more from the typical standard retro thrash.

 If there's anything I'd be critical towards, it's probably the production, which isn't really bad by any means, but I liked the sound of Onward Into The Pits a bit more. It had those slightly more distant and very reverberate vocals, on this album they are a bit too high. But what's really important is the songwriting, which as mentioned earlier is just as good as you possibly could expect. Songs like Warrior's Of Evil, Sinner's Possession and Rot In Shreds can immediately be added right to the list of their classics. I've heard rumours that they already have recorded their next album, wouldn't mind it getting released as soon as possible. Can't get enough of this band! 8/10


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