Review: Suffer The Pain – Midnight Sacrifice (LP 2015 Phobia)

 After two demos, one EP and a split, Suffer The Pain are now ready to unleash their first LP. Not much have changed musically, their sound remains built on equal parts punk and death metal, draped in their trademark raw home-made production.

 The doubts that they wouldn't be able to deliver a full length album with the same conviction as their previous releases are crushed immediately. Once again they prove their impressive ability to write killer tunes. Repel The Crown, Inferno and Demon Of Greed are just a few examples of super contagious and memorable songs on this album. Heavier, partially mid-tempo oriented tracks like Count Orlok and Pazuzu's Law also does a lot to make the overall impression more diverse. Re-recordings of some old favourites from earlier releases, like Ninth Circle Of Hell, Apocalypse Approaching and Werewolf are also fatured on the album, which I don't mind reuniting with.

 A strong debut album from this reliable band! 7,5/10