Review: Absolut – Hell's Highest Power (D-takt & Råpunk 2015 LP)

An album that has been spinning a lot recently is the second album by these Toronto-punks. To take the easy way out, it could be described as a hell of a raw d-beat assault, which is never quite wrong. But it also contains some interesting elements that makes it stand out a bit from the thypical rawpunk standards. Hints towards metal and some surprisingly melodic tinges here and there makes the songs leave a more memorable impression. The B-side is rounded off in a nice atmospheric way with the instrumental Shadows, which gives you the chance to catch your breath for a moment, before the madness continues again.

 Adding the very high qualitative and constantly innovative riffs that feels very worked through, as well as the unified layout, and you've got a very nice release. Their side of the split LP they released quite recently with some shitty Swedish band can also be recommended, check that one out as well! 7/10

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