Review: Trial – Vessel (High Roller 2015 LP)

 To be honest, the earlier stuff I've heard by Trial hasn't really caught my interest. Sure, I don't remember it being bad in any way, just a bit anonymous, and they simply got lost in the huge amount of new bands playing traditional heavy metal. But when the press release and reviews of the new album Vessel claimed that this was something way superior to what they've done in the past I immediately got interested.

 And just precisely, Vessel is definitely a way more interesting album that indicates that this band has found their own identity. All seven songs feels very well written and thought through. The small tinges of black and doom metal here and there are doing so much for the overall impression and makes the album way more interesting. Unique influences and new thinking is what separates the leaders from the followers in this age of new bands worshiping the past.

 As one of Sweden's most praised heavy metal bands, In Solitude, just announced their split-up, there couldn't be a better time than now to symbolically embrace and welcome Trial up there with the very big names in Swedish heavy metal. 8/10

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