Review: Sadhak – s/t (MC 2013 Shadow Kingdom)

 Sadhak from Trondheim, Norway, plays doom metal of the more atmospheric and slow kind, no up-tempo parts as far as the eye can see here. Although that's not always necessary, it is a way to bring some variety into an otherwise king of monotonous genre. Anyway, Sadhak is definitely one of those bands whose monotony is nothing but positive, since the nerve and atmosphere is very pleasant throughout this entire demo.

 The production is very raw, but still suits the cassette format perfectly. Hearing what this band would be able to achieve with a better production would be very interesting though, I'm sure that most others, along with myself, feels the burning desire of wanting more already. Comparisons have been drawn to Warning and 40 Watt Sun, which I partially would agree with, but of course there's no way that a two song demo tape could be able to reach such heights, but who knows what the future holds. I wouldn't be surprised if they at least came very close to the undisputed masters of this style on their future releases.

 Sadhak's first demo is a very impressive and delightful experience, if anyone knows a better piece of music to put in the car's tapeplayer (CD-players are of course for wimps) while driving down the open road under the grey April skies, I'd really like to hear it. 7/10 /H

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