Review: Realmbuilder – Blue Flame Cavalry (CD 2013 I Hate)

 Realmbuilder is an American Epic Heavy Metal/Doom duo, and Blue Flame Cavalry is their third album. It's always an nice experience every time these guys comes up with something new, I wouldn't go as far as naming them one of the best bands around at the moment, but definitely one of the most unique and interesting. What separates them from the true elite is probably the fact that they aren't really what could be considered an actual band. It's simply reflected in their sound that this have been put together in the studio by two guys (I think I've read that a third axeman is handling the leads as well), rather than a band that has been playing live and spent thousands of hours in the rehearsal-room. Not saying that Realmbuilder haven't put down a lot of effort and time making this album, which they probably have, but it just sounds more like a project rather than a band.

 Anyway, let's get to what's really important, the music. The first song They Write Their Names With Fire is a good, and kind of up-tempo song, when it comes to this bands terms. Not really an equally strong opener as Highwayman, which commenced their previous album, but still decent. Although it's not until that song ends things really starts to happen.

 Out of the albums' four tracks, two breaks the 10-minute borderline. Advance Of The War Giants and the title-track captures Realmbuilder at their absolute best. This band have shown such a high potential on their first two albums, but it is in these two tremendous compositions that everything is finally falling into place. Two amazing songs that should please every connoisseur of this genre. In between them, there's also a slow piece that almost could be described as a ballad, namely Adrift Upon The Ocean. Definitely a very atmospheric and well written song, I don't really get along with the drums though. That also goes for certain parts of Advance Of The War Giants, sometimes I really wish that I could have been the producer for this band or something. It's just some minor details, but it could definitely contribute to make the overall impression much better.

 But, as I've written before, at the end of the day all it really comes down to is the music. The fact that Realmbuilder haven't got the most grand production and technical skills doesn't necessarily mean that they haven't got the most grand musical ambition and song writing ability. 7/10 /H

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