Review: Mortyr - Rise Of The Tyrant (CD 2013 Stormspell)

 Mortyr is a Swedish thrash metal-creation born in the mind of Ced Forsberg (Rocka Rollas, Blazon Stone, Anger Burning and probably a million others), who's handling everything except the vocals. Those are provided by Jank from Livet Som Insats. Unlike Realmbuilder (reviewed below), this shows absolutely no signs of being a “synthetic” studio project, it could just as well have been an actual band that recorded this album.

 What you'll get from this album is thrash, and nothing more or less. Whether you prefer it leaning towards speed metal (like in the earlier days of the genre), or death metal (did I mention that one of the songs is entitled Dark Angel?), there's a large chance that you'll find this album appealing. I was going to suggest a little bit more raw sound, but there's simply no sloppiness that needs to be concealed by such a production, and, on reflection, the production is much better and more raw than most other thrash metal-albums being released these days.
 Being so damn thrash to the bone might be a little bit of a weakness though, personally I think that some breezes of influences from other genres could have been a bit refreshing, if only a few small ones. Sure, the title track's chorus has got some melodies and choirs that echoes of Running Wild, and the album ends with a cover of the old classic Merciless Game. But other than that, it's basically thrash all the way. Which isn't really a problem at all, but bringing in some external influences maybe is something for Mortyr to consider in the future. Delivering a better pure thrash metal-album than this without repeating themselves might get though.

 Anyway, enough of this stupid wise-ass critical reviewing shit. Rise Of The Tyrant is a an album that I wouldn't doubt to mention as one of the best that has been produced in the Swedish thrash metal history. If it wasn't for the total inability of every so called thrash metal-fan to recognize a great album when they hear it, it would might even have had a chance to get some attention. 7,5/10 /H

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