Review: Putrified - Sacrilegious Purification (CD 2013 Hellthrasher)

 Putrified is a death metal band from Stockholm, which geographically might draw the expectations to the old standard Sunlight HM2-sound of rotten death that we all know so well. Which in one way is what you'll get, that particular style could definitely be regarded as the foundation of Putrified's music. On the other hand though, Putrified has got something most practitioners of this music are missing, originality, both when it coems to the music and the production. I'm trying to find a suitable description, something like a bit melodic or blackened death metal, but nothing is really able to describe it properly. You'll have to listen and judge yourselves I guess. Anyway, this is definitely one of the few examples of a band bringing in some interesting new ideas of their own, without abandoning their roots completely, like for example the recent releases by bands like Necrovation and Morbus Chron. Putrified's ability to bring life to new ideas yet standing with one foot in the dark past is very impressive and astonishing.

 The vocals really increases the overall impression, reminding much more of bands like Possessed, early Death and Asphyx rather than any old Swedish band free of choice. Musically, the most outstanding, as well as my personal favourite part of the EP, is definitely the last two songs. Evocatio, with its brilliant mix of d-beat and speed metal drumming in the chorus, and Sacred Putrefaction, which is something as unusual as an example of a melodic combination of death- and doom metal, are the definite highlights. Since it's only a six-track EP, I'll be a little bit thrifty with the grading, but a full-lenght album as good as the best moments of Sacrilegious Putrefaction would definitely put this band among the most interesting ones in the genre at the moment. 6.5/10 /H

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