Review: Slough Feg – Digital Resistance (LP 2014 Metal Blade)

 The band that never cease to impress is back once again. For almost two decades, Slough Feg have released album upon album, one more amazing than the other. Digital Resistance is their 9th one, and just as always, the characteristic sound is there, but still it differs from their earlier albums in it's own way. This time the approach is kind of more laid back than ever before. Some of the metal-puritans might not be that satisfied with this direction, but personally I still enjoy it, even though it might not be as groundbreaking as the metallic chaos of their earlier albums. However, Slough Feg's brilliance will always be intact, regardless of the music's being heavy or more laid back. I'd rather have them trying something new than just rehashing their past half as good (anyone heard the new Judas Priest-song?).

 Basically the only thing speaking against this band are themselves. This is definitely one of the best albums released in 2014 so far, but the fact that they have spoilt us with even better albums for so long, you're still thirsty for more. Most important though is that they once again have proved their inability to release an album that's not worth getting. Let's hope it stays that way in the future as well. 7,5/10 /H

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