Review: Suffer The Pain – The Face Of Doom (Krig Tejps 2014 MC)

 The metal-scene of Västerås might not be the most diverse one in this country, the active bands I know about can literally be counted on one hand. The few ones that exists seems to have a very good ability of putting out great stuff on a regular basis though. Quality before quantity, I guess. This is the third demo of Suffer The Pain, containing four new songs. It starts of with a sinister and fateful intro that brings to mind the latest album by Tragedy, which I liked a lot. Then it breaks into the title-track, which is a more solid mid-tempo piece. I wish the rest of the song itself could've been a bit more in the vein of the intro though. Sure, it's good the way it is, but I'm left with the feeling that it was going somewhere even better.

 Otherwise, there aren't really any other complaints from my side. World Evil and Faith Through Violence answers my prays of more black metal-inspiration, yet their deadly metal/punk fusion is always present.

 A cover of Motörhead's Killed By Death is also included, and Suffer The Pain's d beat-drenched up-tempo version definitely works very well. Not as great as the cover of Roky Erickson's Bloody Hammer on their first demo though, the further the original song is from their sound, the more interesting it gets, I suppose. Dying to hear what their next choice of cover will be. As much as I'm dying to hear whatever they'll release next. Hopefully a full-length album, they still don't seem to have learned that their releases are too damn short... 7/10 /H

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