Review: Vanhelgd – Relics Of Sulphur Salvation (Ljudkassett 2014 MC)

 Mjölby's finest are back with their third album, and just like the previous one Church Of Death, the first song is once again sung in Swedish. Dödens Maskätna Anlete is a merciless opener and sets the mood immediately. There's one more Swedish song, Ett Liv I Träldom, and lyrically both of them are very impressing. Writing Swedish death metal-lyrics in a convincing way is definitely not the most simple task, but in these two songs the words are so well written and carefully chosen that the feeling you get by reading them is just as dark and ominous as the music itself.

 Something else that makes Vanhelgd stand out among the thousands of Swedish death metal bands is the scarce use of up-tempo (d-beat) parts. Sure, they do exist, but the song structures are mainly built on either slow-, mid-tempo or blast beats, which by most other bands are only used as variations. It's not like they're renewing the entire genre, but as I said, it gives them a bit more character than others.

 So to sum it up, with this release Vanhelgd has taken a huge step. Even though both of their previous albums were very good and promising, it feels like it's now their true potential is finally revealed for the first time. Just as claimed by their label, their “most glorious defining moment in their discography”, indeed. I think we'll have to add “so far” to that last quote though... 8/10 /H

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