Getaway 2014 Review Day 2

 First band of day two was grind pioneers Napalm Death, a band that I guess doesn't need any further introduction. Just so hilarious to see all the confused people wearing Sabaton-shirts in the crowd as their mangling noise is unleashed. No backdrop, intro or anything unnecessary but the music speaking for itself. Great mix of old and newer songs, Barney and the rest are the kings of the main stage, no doubt (8/10).

 The maniac Australians Airbourne were the second band of the day. Their studio-albums tends to be a bit predictable and not always top notch, but I really like their first one, and most of their setlist is taken from that album. Adding the most intense and energic live-performance to that, and you can't go wrong. The vocals sounds very strain and worn though, and there are some sound-problems throughout their set, but still one of the festival's highlights (8/10).
 Right after, off to the small stage to check out the first show on Swedish soil of the German duo Mantar. The first thing that draws your attention is the guitar-sound, I can't recall having heard anything as heavy in a live-situation before. The vocals are a bit of a let down though, Kind of weak and not as powerful at all as what I've heard of their studio-recordings. Despite that, still an enjoyable show from their side (7/10).
 Next up, Iceland's Solstafir, whose albums I, for some reason, never really have checked out before. A fact I definitely have to change after having witnessed this. Incredibly atmospheric and enchanting performance, my attention was caught the entire show even though I've never heard any of their songs before (8.5/10).
 Last band of the day was the one and only Slayer. I had my doubts, since I wasn't that impressed the last time I saw them, and because of Dave Lombardo's departure. But the right choices of songs can make you forget the absence of almost anyone, and holy shit what a fantastic setlist. After opening with Hell Awaits, The Antichrist and Necrophiliac, I was sold. As if that wasn't enough, they also gave us masterpieces such as Capitor Of Sin, Die By The Sword, Black Magic and At Dawn They Sleep. That fact that they aren't what they once were any more can't be disguised though, but at the present circumstances, I don't think that the show could have turned out much better than this (8/10).

Day three to follow...

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