Getaway 2014 Review Day 3

 Third and final day, first band up; local death metal veterans Sorcery. Too much mid tempo songs and a bit long songs to earn a place among the genre's finest, but you can't say no to a well played set of classic rotten Swedish death (6.5/10).

 Second band of the day were Black Trip, which I had the pleasure to share stage with a few months ago. Just like then, they gives us a great show, lining up high quality songs as if there was no tomorrow. They deserved a way larger audience though, the majority of the festival attenders must have chose some commercial garbage outside instead. Too bad for them. (7.5/10)
 Right after Black Trip's vocalist Joseph Tholl left the stage, it wasn't long until he had to get back up again to play guitar with Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker. Impressive to pull of two shows in a row! RPH's performance could be summed up as a bunch of qualified musicians playing straight forward rock and having a good time for about an hour, nothing more or less. (7/10)
 The crowd grew remarkably just in time for Blues Pills, who apparently must have become quite successful. As their set commences, the reason why is getting clear. A bit repetitious at some times, but at their best they are truly amazing. (7.5/10)
 Had to leave their show a bit early though, to be able to catch every minute of the almighty Hawkwind. Once again, an embarrassingly small crowd, but this time it was a bit more expected. The band seems totally untouched, just doing what they do best, and I'm worshipping every single minute. The trio of Master Of The Universe, Angels Of Death and Brainstorm (with Sonic Attack as intro) was just pure euphoria, a feeling that even remained several hours after it was all over. Best show of the festival, no doubt (9/10).
 After such a blast, the super fuzzy proto-punk/rock of Satan's Satyrs was a perfect way to wind down. Nothing sensational, but a solid performance and an original sound. The last in a line of great bands at once another great festival in Gävle. (7/10).

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