Getaway 2014 Review Day 1

I spent the weekend in Gävle at the Getaway festival, 4th year I visited this festival that always has lots of decent bands to offer. So here's a brief summary of my experience:

 Started off by having a look at the (kinda) local black metal-band Patronymicon. Well played, but a bit watered down musically. Not original or hellish enough to catch my interest more than a few songs, but far away from bad (5.5/10).
 Next up was the legendary Possessed, or at least what's left of them. I was a bit sceptic at first, to be honest, but they definitely delivered their classics in a worthy way. Not too down tuned or modern guitar-sound, ample reverb on the vocals and an absolute excellent drum-performance. They even played a song from a brand new album that's seemingly on it's way, an album on which my expectations are high set after this show (7.5/10).
 After leaving Possessed's show with a smile on my face, it got wiped off very soon as Kreator's set begun. Sure, they weren't good the last time I saw them either, but this time it was simply their all time low. The drum sound could very well be the worst I've ever experienced in a live concert., close to unbearable. Add Petrozza's nowadays dreadful vocals to that, and the only way is down. Painful to see them decapitate their classics, they should stick to their boring post-'00 albums instead. (2/10)

 I had a gaze at Malevolent Creation, which sound-wise was absolutely killer. Never really got that hooked from what I've heard of their albums, but this was something completely different. Maybe I should get a live-album by them or something. (6.5/10)
 It seems like the organizers had saved the best for last though, Kadavar was definitely the highlight of day one. I don't know if I've ever seen a drummer banging his head so much, and even though his kit was one of the smallest I've seen, he absolutely killed it, just like the rest of the band. An hour of intense and triumphant heavy rock that I won't forget in a while. (8.5/10)
 Day 2 & 3 to follow...

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