Review: Walpyrgus – s/t (Swords And Chains 2014 MC)

 If you are, like me, a big fan of one of the best and most underrated heavy metal bands in the modern history of the genre, namely Twisted Tower Dire, this is some good news for you. Walpyrgus consists of 3 out of 5 TTD-members, and sound wise it is basically a continuation of their last album Make It Dark. Personally, I absolutely loved that album, and what can I do but loving this as well!

 Although the three new tracks on this tape might not instantly knock you out the first listening with as sheer power as Make It Dark did, it won't take long until their actual potential is unveiled. All of a sudden it becomes clear that the quality of these songs is actually just as high. No excessive old school-approach, low-fi sound or so called total worship of anything. Just pure heavy metal at it's absolute finest.

 The tape-edition also features an exclusive (I think) cover of Mercyful Fate's Doomed By the Living Dead. A very unexpected choice of cover, since the style of the other songs is more powerful and epic, rather than MF's dark and evil obscurity. But they definitely manages to deliver a cool interpretation of the song. Especially I get the feeling that the vocals in this cover particularly are put to the test more than ever, and the performance is absolutely stunning, in terms of vocal range and absolute power. Can't wait for the next release of this band, fingers crossed that it will be a full lenght-album. Wouldn't mind a new album by Twisted Tower Dire either... 8/10 /H

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