Review: Zaum – Oracles (I Hate 2014 CD)

 In the recent days of almost unbearable heat, way above the average temperature here in Sweden, I think that there are few more fitting soundtracks than the new album by Zaum. Their style is described as “Middle Eastern mantra doom”, and is recommended served under the scorching desert sun.
 To be honest, this barely gives me anything at all musically, some interesting sequences here and there drenched in a sea of monotony. What I liked most was the amazing cover art, bringing to mind Manilla Road's masterpiece Crystal Logic.
 But after listening to it a few times, it became clear that the music is not necessarily the most important thing here. What's way more appealing is the atmosphere, and when this album is experienced during the right circumstances, it suddenly became way more interesting. Which after some examination of the press-release seems to be the exactly intention with this band. You see, Zaum ain't just a regular band, they creates atmospheres and speaks to the deepest state of thought, beyond the borders defined by music.
 I feel like I probably won't become much wiser about what the hell this band is doing (I'm still not sure if I actually get it, or if I ever will). But it's just interesting how it engages your mind like I've never felt other music have, in a way that's not even possible to identify as good or bad, just somehow fascinating. I'd definitely recommend you all to have listen, preferably during a long walk under a sun as scorching as possible. I can guarantee you won't be left untouched, whether you like it or not. 6,5/10 /H

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