Review: Witchclan – The Dark Binding (Elvester Records 2014)

The name Witchclan probably doesn't sound familiar to many, but this is in fact one of the first black metal bands to emerge from the UK. Nowadays, it's a one man project though, and The Dark Binding is the second full length album.

 Something that might be disturbing some are the seemingly programmed drums. When it comes to myself though, if the music just is good enough, I simply don't mind it. And making music that's good enough is something that Witchclan partially succeeds in doing. Just partially though, when too much fast bass drumming is used, like in the opening Worms Of Hypocrisy, it sounds very artificial. But when regular 2-beat or simple basic patterns dominates, you barely notice that the drums are programmed. Also, the tolerance-level gets higher the more you listen, so the longer into the album I get, the more I enjoy it. So if you just get past the trembling and kind of misleading start, I assure you that this album has got more to offer.

 Songs like Treading On Angels, Beyond The Seventh Gate and Paths To Immortality contains everything you may wish from a black metal-album, great balance between speed and heaviness, a dark atmosphere and some tasty melodies here and there. So even though they might not be in league with modern black metal masters like Negative Plane or MGLA, this is still definitely worth getting. 6.5/10 /H

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