Review: Under The Church – s/t (Tape Worship 2014 MC)

 The early 90's may be long gone, but as we all know the notorious Swedish death metal lives on. The question is though, is there any more authentic sounding band around than Under The Church? I don't think so, can't find a single trace of awareness about anything that has happened the last 20 years. The logo, the cover, the sound and the songs, it's like they've used a time machine. Which probably ave been said about thousands of retro-bands by now, but this is the first time I truly gets that particular feeling. Even the most old school sounding bands always show the slightest signs of external influences or rethinking. One of these rare occasions where the label's description is actually true (“Amongst the countless SweDeath-worship bands everywhere, UNDER THE CHURCH distinctively separates themselves from the pack and remains to be the true originators of Swedish Death Metal!”).

 The fact that two out of three members actually contributed to the establishment of the genre in Nirvana 2002 probably means a lot, I assume they just think the way they did back then. Under The Church is way more than the mega old-school sounding production though, the songs are ridiculously strong as well. It's off to a slightly weaker start though with two mid-paced songs. Not by any means bad, but I think that the order of the tracks might could have been better, you get the feeling that they're holding back a little bit. From Digging In The Dirt and onward though it's full speed ahead, along with the following songs Under The Church (modern classic-warning) and Burning, it's the definite peak. But as I said, this is nothing but high quality all the way. 7.5/10

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