Review: Martyrdöd – Elddop (D-takt & Råpunk 2014 LP)

 Well, the autumn is here, and what would be a better soundtrack to its arrival than the bitter sweet tones of the new Martyrdöd-LP? Even though they might not be that similar musically, I kind of have the same feeling for this one as I had about the last Bombus-album. The spectrum of influences is so wide, and the result is an album that simply should appeal to anyone who likes some kind of heavy and melodic music.

 The fact that it's one of the most consistent albums I've heard in a while is also worth pointing out, I don't even think I can pick any highlights. The phenomenal beautiful piece Martyren stands out a bit from the rest, otherwise it's more or less the same d-beat driven, and at times heavy, punk/metal all the way. Martyrdöd has delivered a very impressive effort that without a doubt makes its way to the absolute top of the 2014-releases. 8.5/10 /H

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