Reviews: Suffer The Pain - The Last Massacre & Bombs Of Hades / Suffer The Pain - Split

Suffer The Pain - The Last Massacre (MC, 2012, Krig Tejps)

As we all know, bands with names consisting of three words or more should in general be avoided at any cost. However, there are a few exceptions, and one of them is definitely Suffer The Pain from Västerås, Sweden. This is their second demo, and their sound could best be described as a bastard child of Swedish death metal and punk. It's raw and filthy, but the riffs are still well executed and most of the songs are very memorable, despite being very short. Straight to the point and no bullshit, one could say. 6/10

Bombs Of Hades / Suffer The Pain - Black Goat Chant / Nuclear End (MC, 2013, Krig Tejps)

Bombs Of Hades starts of this split-tape with the furious Black Goat Chant, which is nothing but a hell of a song. Just look at the title, is it even possible for such a wonderfully named song to be anything else than fantastic? Don't think so, this is nothing but absolute madness. Their second and last track is a cover of Scorpions “Can't Get Enough”. It's definitely an original and interesting version of that song, but it's still Black Goat Chant that confirms Bombs Of Hades as one of the absolute best Swedish death metal-bands at the moment. After such a great song, I don't think the feeling of wanting more from this band has ever been stronger. New album now, please!

Suffer The Pain gives us three tracks, all in the vein of the previous demo. They could even possibly have been taken from the same recording sessions, since both of the releases says “recorded in April 2012”. I think that they have stepped it up a notch when it comes to quality, maybe they were saving the best tracks for this release? The phenomenal opener Break Your Chains has got a tinge of black metal, which I think suits the band very well, hopefully we'll see more of that on their next release as a fine complement to the characterized sound of these deathpunx. A great split, a shame that it's over way too fast though. 7/10 /H

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