Review: Diagnosis? Bastard! - #2 (7” 2014 D-takt & Råpunk)

The world's only diagnosed hardcore bastards are back with their second 7-inch EP. Probably the wax that has been spinning most on my turntable so far this year. If you enjoyed the first one, this will most certainly not be a disappointment, everything from the production to the song writing is just way better. Maybe you're not as blown away by the super insane vocals this time, even though the performance on the new 7” is just as good, but what the hell.

 It starts off with a creepy voice pronouncing the title of the opening I Want To See You Die, and all hell breaks loose. Most intense shit I've heard in a long time. It's pretty much over as fast as it started, and while you're still wondering what the fuck happened, Turns To Shit takes over with its stunning riffing. I'd like to name it their best song so far, extremely enjoyable tune. Am I Stupid? Or Idiot! has been available for a while before the release of this 7”, and together with the rest of all the new songs, it shows no signs of bringing down either the high pace or the high quality.
 The opening of the B-side, I Hate Your Life, is just as chaotic as the one on side A. Last song Join The Queue starts off as fast as the rest of the songs, but then breaks down into a more mid-paced ending, which the band absolutely master just as good as the faster stuff. Hardcore-highlight of the year so far, no doubt. 7,5/10 /H

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