Review: Guerra Total - El Armagedón Continúa (CD, 2013, I Hate Records)

 Colombia's Guerra Total have returned to ravage the rainforests with their fourth album. They have been around since 1997, and this is claimed to be their darkest, blackest and finest recording to date. I'm not really sure if I'm willing to agree with that, since the production isn't very impressive at all. I can't tell if sounds too bad or too good, it just doesn't sound right. The previous album “Antichristian Zombie Hordes” sounded much better in my opinion.

 At the end of the day though, when everything comes around it's the songs that matter and nothing else. To be honest, the production only bothers me about halfway through the opening “Nuclear Zombie Division”, then my thoughts passes on to the high quality of the music. The band definitely delivers the goods when it comes to raging speed metal riffs and memorable songs. Add to that some surprisingly melodic solos and elements of odd instruments (theremin, anyone?) and you've got a very interesting and enjoyable album.

 I see a lot of potential for future evolution though. Even though the vocal performance is great, I'd like more songs with vocals like the closing “Black Metal Speed Rock and Roll”, which vocally possesses a feeling more reminiscent of heavy metal, rather than the speed/black metal-screams of the rest of the album. It makes the Spanish accent way more distinct, which I totally adore. The words “ Rock and Roll” haven't been pronounced better since Baron Rojo's “Volumen Brutal” (1982)!

In conclusion then, a great effort, but with the right improvements, their next album could be monumental. 6.5/10 /H

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