Review: Lord Fist – Green Eyleen (Ektro Records 2015 CD)

 The first thing that caught my attention with this release was the stunning coverart. Even though it's said that you shouldn't judge the book by the cover, the artwork alone was pretty much enough for me to purchase this album, without hearing a single tone of the bands music. So, the big question is then of course, what does the music sound like?

 Lord Fist is a heavy metal band from Finland, and this is their first full length album. I'd almost say that they're on the borderline to speed metal, since most of the songs are quite up tempo. Modern classics released by recent bands such as Enforcer and Borrowed Time comes to mind. Lord Fist might not impress as much as the ones mentioned above, but songs like Rainbow Eyes, Green Eyleen and Who Wants To Live Forever definitely indicates that they've got some serious potential. It 's definitely going to be interesting to see if they will be able grow musically to be able to challenge the absolute elite with their next album. Hopefully they'll use the same artist to make the cover as well. 7,5/10

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