Review: Arkham Witch - Get Thothed vol. 1 (CD 2015 Metal On Metal)

 It shouldn't be an unknown fact to fans of doom metal that one of the absolute best bands that have emerged the last ten years is The Lamp Of Thoth. Their only album Portents, Omens And Dooms, along with some other releases, definitely stands out as some of the most interesting music produced lately in the genre. Sadly, their releases seem to have been released in very small quantities, and passed most people by, as they are pretty much impossible to find physical copies of. Someone seriously needs to make a re-issue of the album, and everything else as well (cough, Metal On Metal...)

 As the band now seems to be on hiatus though, the founding members have instead continued with Arkham Witch, who released the brilliant Legions Of The Deep three years ago, and now have launched this project, where they in three different parts intend to keep the legacy of TLOT alive. This EP, the first of the three, contains three re-recordings of old Thoth-classics. From the opening riff in Skull Fuel you're caught in an iron grip that doesn't let go until the last tone of Sing As You Slay echoes out. All killers, no fillers. The only thing that speaks against this release is that the die hard Thoth-fans might not find it so necessary, since you've already heard all the songs before, but I definitely think that this will contribute to more people discovering the work of The Lamp Of Thoth and Arkham Witch. Also both the artwork and packaging is very good looking, with the CD in  a cardboard sleeve and a slipcase with room for the two upcoming EP's. Which, by the way, will feature some unreleased Thoth-songs, as if this wasn't exciting enough already. 8,5/10

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