Review: Heavy Nukes - s/t (Rawmantic Disasters 2014 LP)

 While we're talking about the projects of Ced Forsberg, let's not forget Heavy Nukes. This is 11 minutes of raw punk insanity that deserves to be mentioned as one of 2014's highlights just as much as Rocka Rollas or Breitenhold. I might not be as acquainted with the punk-scene as when it comes to heavy metal, but I'm definitely able to tell that this is some great stuff.

 Regardless of genre, this guy seems to have some kind of super power to achieve a production more or less authentic to which ever part of the musical history he may wish his bands to sound as. The sound of this LP immediately takes you back to when you heard the early stuff of Anti Cimex or Shitlickers for the first time. Adding the super effective straight to the point-songwriting and merciless riffs, the result is one of the rawpunk highlights this year. 7,5/10 /H

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