Review: Chalice – s/t (War On All Fronts 2014 MC)

The Irish fanzine War On All Fronts have expanded into a label, and their first release is this debut EP of Chalice, hailing from Montpelier, Vermont. Musically, I'd describe this as heavy metal with doom and folk influences. A more heavy metal-, rather than rock-oriented Blood Ceremony is a good comparison. Parts of the first Witchcraft(Swe)-album another, especially the last song "Her Sisters They Were Weak" has got a medieval atmosphere that's very reminiscent to the one of Chalice.

The closing Raise Your Chalice draws way more towards traditional power/speed metal than the rest, indicating that this is a very multi-talented band capable of achieving high quality stuff regardless of metallic sub-genre. Classic female-fronted bands like Chastain comes to mind. An incredibly epic and powerful song, I'd love to see them develop more in that direction, still keeping some fragments of their present folk-inspired sound though. A very promising EP, it'll be interesting to see what the future holds for this band. 7/10 /H

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