Review: Outrage – The Demo(n)s 1985 (Ripping Storm 2014 LP)

 As if their killer new album We The Dead (one of the highlights of 2014, no doubt) wasn't enough, the first two demos of this forgotten German band has now been re-issued on vinyl! I got a CD-R with both of them from the band around the time the compilation of re-recorded tracks Go To Hell was released, three years ago, and since then I've been waiting for someone to release it on black (and coloured) wax. To finally have it in my hands is just fantastic, cheers to Ripping Storm Records for making it happen.

 Side A consists of their first demo, which I find a bit inferior to what awaits on side B. Sure, the songs are all classics, but I'm having a bit of a hard time with the drums. They sound way too clean, just feel out of place and kind of ruins the rest a little. I prefer more recent the re-recordings of all these songs. The Nifelheim-style drumming about halfway into Go To Hell is evil as shit though, shame that they omitted that on the new version.

 Now let's get to the main reason that this LP is so long awaited, side B and their second demo. A hidden gem of highest quality classic German black/thrash. Definitely in league with the early masterpieces by Sodom, Kreator and Poison's essential Into The Abyss. Poison actually appears on several old gig-flyers that covers the insert of this LP, those shows must have been something extraordinary. Anyway, you should now what we're dealing with here by now, a must have release, and nothing else. Get this, and their fantastic new album if you haven't done so already! 9/10 /H

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