Review: Breitenhold – Secret Worlds (Stormspell 2014 CD)

 Breitenhold is a side-project of Ced from Rocka Rollas, and this is the first album. Musically, its basically so similar to the main band that you almost wonder why it is being released under a different name. Maybe it's an excuse to get as much songs out as possible, and to not be forced to throw them away?

 Anyway, since the new Rocka Rollas-album is so damn brilliant, it's hard to see any problem with an additional album of equally sounding music. Since they both were released at the same time, it comes naturally that you compare them a lot to each other, and I do find The Road To Destruction stronger than this. It takes a bit longer to get into as well, but once you've given it a few chances, the real potential in songs like Time Is Gone, To The Battle Far Beyond and The Windhorse Knight unfolds. The monumental closer Legions Of Breitenhold is a perfect ending to yet another very strong album. 8/10 /H

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