Review: Meliah Rage – Warrior (Metal On Metal 2014 CD)

 The previous album by Meliah Rage, Dead To The World (also released by Metal On Metal), was something as unusual as a modern thrash metal album that I actually liked. Time now has come for the follow-up, under the name of Warrior. Before the music even starts I observe that the tracklist looks very good, eight songs is just enough, which many modern bands seems to have some difficulties to understand. After all, these guys are from the 80's, and knows how an album should be constructed.

 Nothing is won until the quality of the music itself is inspected though, and unfortunately, I don't find this album as appealing as their previous offering. The songs just aren't as memorable, and the new vocalist is very different, almost make them sound like a different band. More in the vein of Testament and Exodus with Zetro, rather than the almost entirely clean vocals on Dead To This World, which felt a bit more original. It's far away from a failure though, songs like Stranger To Your Sympathy, A Dying Day and In Hate indicates that they aren't to be counted out yet, but the great moments are simply just to few and too many of the 42 minutes don't reach any further than the insidious “ok/pretty good but not more”-impression.
 It never gets close to being bad though, and it must be said once again that this modern approach is definitely not my cup of tea, which makes it even more impressive that they manages to maintain my attention throughout the whole album. Which proves that they're probably among the best in their business. 5.5/10 /H

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