Review: Burning Saviours – Boken Om Förbannelsen (I Hate 2014 CD)

 Originally released as four individual 7”-singles by Night Tripper between 2011 and 2013, this compilation CD features all tracks of the Förbannelsen (The Curse) tetralogy. Burning Saviours are playing a fusion of doom and rock which brings to mind the sound of the 60's and 70's. Way more vintage-sounding than most other doom-albums released by I Hate, there's barely any heavy metal-presence at all. Which of course isn't always necessary, just a simple reflection. Their music is much more similar to recent successful Swedish bands like Graveyard, Witchcraft and Skogen Brinner. Burning Saviours are definitely not just one of all bands that are following the ongoing trend though, the fact that they've been around since 2003 must make them, along with Witchcraft, one of the first acts in this doom/rock revival, which it has grown into the last couple of years.
 The opening title track immediately sets the standard. Rhythm, riffs ,vocals, all of the musicians are doing a great job. You can tell that they've been doing this for a while. Midnight and The Offering continues in the same slow heavy rocking vein, although the tempo barely changes notably at all, so a little feeling of monotony starts to occur. Spirit Of The Woods comes just in the right time, and takes it to new levels with its decent up-tempo groove. Definitely the finest tune on this album, together with the fantastic closer Hon Dansade Med Döden (She Danced With Death). As far as improvements go, the song writing could have been a bit more varied. A bit more up tempo, maybe even jamming parts would be very welcome, these are the moments when this band is shining brightest. I'd also like more of the lyrics to be in Swedish as well, it gives them an additional touch of originality. In summary, this was a very pleasant first meeting with this bands' music, I will absolutely have to check out their earlier albums. You all should do so as well. 7/10 /H

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