Lockyard best of 2015 part 2: Singles, EP's & Demos

5. Lamp Of Thoth – This Is Not Doom! (Sarlaac 2015 MC)

Definitely a worthy swansong (?) from the unchallenged weird lords of strangeness. In addition to this, we've also been blessed with several releases from the closely related Arkham Witch as well, so I feel relieved to know that the weird spirit lives on.

4. Zodiac – Stone Command (Heavy Chains 2015 MC)

Phenomenal demo from this Australian band which delivers doom of absolutely finest quality, a tape that shouldn't be missed by any worshiper of the genre. Just listen to The Noose, and you'll be convinced in a matter of seconds.

3. Terminal – Satanski Narocila (Ljudkassett 2015 MC)

A re-invention of the first praised single, released last year, that succeeds to follow it up without a doubt. I never thought that it would be possible to top Heavy Metal Lokomotiva, but the title track of this tape is just as good.

2. The Dahmers - Terror On Wheels (Lovely 2015 7”)

Yet another sign of strength from these messy rock 'n' rollers. The Ripper is definitely one of the most frequently played tracks of 2015 by yours truly. Hope to see a new LP this year.

1. Herzel – Unis Dans La Gloire (Impous Desecration 2015 MC)

Even though I really enjoyed the rest of the releases on tbis list, and some others too, none of them were really quite close to this one. The two majestic tracks on this tape is the best French metal I've heard since the glory days of bands like Sortilège and ADX. The band that we most desperately need an album from right now!

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