Review: Funeral Circle / Gatekeeper – Hades Triumphant / Bell Of Tarantia (War On Music 2015 7”)

 This split 7” contains one track each with two epic and superb Canadian acts. What I was most excited about with this release was definitely to hear the new track by Funeral Circle, whose self-titled debut album was one of the strongest releases of 2013. 

 When I heard the news that their vocalist had quit the band I was a bit worried, but that went by quickly when they announced that he would be replaced by JP from the magnificent Borrowed Time (RIP(?)). A match made by the gods, and the first taste of the new Funeral Circle, Hades Triumphant, is nothing but an outstanding anthem. Compared too their earlier material, it draws a bit more towards epic metal rather than doom, which I don't mind at all. Too many mediocre doom bands out there, and even though they earlier stood way above mediocrity, I think that this new chosen path will take them to all new levels. We need a new LP as soon as possible!

 Gatekeeper is a new acquaintance for me, but the opening riff of their side of the split, Bell Of Tarantia, is just brilliant. Not much to complain about when it comes to the rest of the song either, epic and grand heavy metal just the way I love it. Definitely deserves its place on the same wax as Funeral Circle, really need to check out their split with Eternal Champion as well. I'll post a review of that here as well when it happens.  

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